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who we are

We are witnessing the dawn of a revolution in robotics that is reshaping our world! Cincinnati Automation & Mechatronics (CAM) is a cutting edge robotics technology startup built by top engineers from NASA and the Department of Defense. We are dedicated to solving our clients most daunting technical challenges in new ways by leveraging cross cutting capabilities that involve iterative and agile mechanical & electrical design, data analytics, novel sensor data processing and visualization. We believe, by assembling a team of the best engineers from dissimilar disciplines, CAM will bring unique perspectives, ideas and solutions to our clients.








Revolutionary Interaction

Revolutionary Communication


CAM employees have supported such customers as the Air Force Research Laboratory, Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and NASA. Our experience spans the automation and mechatronics industries including everything from mechanical and electrical design, sensor and control signal processing and data storage, integration and test, to project planning and management, robotics, automation, and mechatronics/biomechatronics.


Leveraging our significant experience supporting various aerospace and national defense customers, Cincinnati Automation and Mechatronics (CAM) has one mission: to make our passion for providing excellent engineering products and services show in everything we do.


CAM engineers have a passion for solving the toughest problems by combining sound engineering principles with a proven iterative and agile development engineering approach that settles for no less than excellence. At CAM, engineering is more than a profession; it is a way of life that values honesty, integrity, passion, efficiency, hard work, and the highest standard for our employees and our clients.


Our employees also support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiatives that will make America a technology leader in the robotics and cyber revolution.

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